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Up From the Grave - Jeaniene Frost EDIT

Just see Jeaniene Frost's announcement about Up From The Grave will become Cat and Bones's last book here :


As much I (want to) understand, it's still make me sad. I can't even want to said goodbye to Bones *sobs*


Jeaniene Frost just said that the tentative release date is push back to the end of this year!!

I don't care all of you prefer Vlad, but I want Bones!!! I need my Bones fix! *huff*


Guys, Jeaniene just update the cover for book #7! Finally its have cover and blurb! I do prefer the old model, but this one is not bad either. Just less fierce, Cat must fierce ;). But, I'm quite surprised to see the stepback :


*le gasp!*
They change the model for Bones!! And he has moustache, waaaaa!! :(( Can we get Paul Marron instead? (and damn, they already use him on Vlad cover!)
Dob't worry Jeaniene, I still buy Up From The Grave, despite its cover. You're still my favorite author after all ;)