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About a Dragon - G.A. Aiken Leave it to Shelly Laurenston, or as her other pen name, G.A.Aiken to entertain and boost your mood reading when it comes to her books. I literally laughing on my bed (not in the floor :)) ) when reading about Briec the Mighty and the constantly talking and nagging Talaith. So many one liner that will make you snort, or if you're not laughing.. well, I will not blame you. Really :D *smile sweetly and innocently while planning to kill rant why you're not laughing :)) *

What make me laughing more is how much shame Gwenvael, Briec's brother has? He seems like to annoy all people by talk wrong in the wrong time and wrong place. And all of his brothers and sisters (or humans) will smack him, hit him, slash him, claw him, and after that will just said "accident". Really hilarious and downright funny! XD Another dragon kin I love is Eibhear the Blue. He's the cutest dragon I've ever read and maybe the most sane in his family :D.

Talaith and her daughter relationship is warm but Iseabail aka Izzy the Dangerous is really not like teenage of her age. With her hyperactive attitude, she kinda remind me of Blayne Thorpe from Pride series. Just meanie and ass kicking. The myth about the human gods and dragon gods is interesting too. I wonder, if we strip the slapstick humor, the snarky part and the steamy sex scene, I can said that Ms Aiken make a wonderfully epic fantasy story with amazing world building!

Talk about steamy, woo boy, Ms Aiken like her Laurenston's book can write a delicious sex scene. But, maybe because this one first published under Samhain publisher, the sex seems too overrated. Okay, not that I'm complaining. I love my books, especially romance books full of sex scenes. But the early part of this book is about how Briec pursue Talaith to get off her pants. So if readers feel uncomfortable to read the sex scenes, to bad they will miss the great story that follow after that.

My favorite quotes so far :

“Tell me, Lord Dragon, does your arrogance ever take a holiday?”
“No. Does your mouth?”

and this one :

“My husband tried to have me burned at the stake and you brutalize your brothers on an hourly basis,which makes them not want to be too close to you for very long. What does that tell you, Briec the Arrogant?”
“That they’re jealous of our greatness.”
Talaith laughed hard, her face buried against his neck and her entire body shaking.
“What?” Briec asked in all sincerity. “What’s so funny?”

Now into Gwenvael The Whore story. I must prepare myself to laughing so hard, since he have a hobby to embarrased himself :))