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Blooded - Amanda  Carlson Want to know if the author's work is suit your taste, especially in UF genre, a genre that almost hit and miss to me? Try the novella of her new work. It worked for me with Cecy Robson, and now Amanda Carlson's new series "Jessica McClain" in on my radar. Jessica is the only female born from werewolf (I guess, all werewolf pup usually born male) and the propechy "Daughter of Cain" make her almost bullied every day. My jaw drop when reading about the bully. Those wolves are mysogynist pigs!! Jessica just a female, for God's sake. All just because a propechy bullshit and the big bad wolves are fearing her.

But Jessica might be reincarnation of John McClane (or his female version. You see what I want to say here?). Like McClane at Die Hard movies, Jessica also never give up from all the bully. She lucky to have her father and twin brother, also the Pack beta support her. Now, usually in UF the heroine have daddy/mommy issues. I'm glad Callum McClain is rational and cool headed, he loves his daughter despite his pack hate her and it hard to him to send Jessica away from the compound.

The ending have cliffhanger, but with just 64 pages, what can you expect? I see this novella as a taste to dip into the first book, Full Blooded. And I tell you, I'm happy to once again find a great werewolf story with a heroine who never afraid to kickin' butt.