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Stranded with Her Ex - Jill Sorenson I won Stranded with Her Ex from the author herself, Jill Sorenson. And maybe I sound biased but I swear this review is honest, lol! I'm rarely reading Harlequin novels. And when it come to this famous romance publisher, I usually reading Nocturne imprint (since I'm PNR junkie), HQN (some of my favorite authors is HQN authors) and Mira. Even I think Harlequin Blaze which are books with the hotness scale is top off the chart sometimes can be boring. And don't forget that some of Harlequin lines such as Super Romance, Present and Desire always come with silly titles. I mean, what can I expect from book with title such as "Pregnant with The Billionaire Babies?". Hahahaha!! :P

Woops, sorry. Sarcasm overload ;).

Stranded with Her Ex sure do have silly title, but is the story silly and easily predictable? Noooooooooo :D. Second chance might be not my favorite, but Jill Sorenson can make that theme to be an emotional story. Both MCs, Daniela Flores, a marine biologyst and Sean Charmichael, shark expert are haunted and tortured after their divorce and Daniela's miscarriage. Daniela shut Sean down,and its make Sean depressed because when the accident happen, he's not in her side. Daniela believe that its she who responsible for their failing marriage. I sometimes want to knock both Daniela and Sean's head. But I also want to hug them both. Who is to blame, who is innocent? Daniela and Sean both guilty with their act but also innocent too.

BTW there's a bitchy character that try to woe Sean from Daniela! *gasp*. Glad, its not turn to awkward love triangle and its clear that Sean and Daniela still want each other. The author don't go the easy way to unite them, there's a lot of drama and tension,from themshelves and other people.

There's also suspense part with someone threat to kill them, but I think the suspense is kinda weak even the culprit is unpredictable. Stranded with Her Ex is not just ordinary romantic suspense. Its about how people handle with their wounded heart and learn to move on. Learn to love again and with some people, you can't just let them go. Stranded with Her Ex also have interesting tidbits about shark, seal and sea lions. Y'know, until now I can't differ seals and sea lion. Are they both same animal or different? :/

Note : Stranded with Her Ex kinda remind me of Linda Howard's [b:Cry No More|187500|Cry No More|Linda Howard|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1172540015s/187500.jpg|181224]. Since both heroine lost their child and their marriage is failed. Both make me almost weep too :')