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Moonglow  - Kristen Callihan reading the ARC version, courtesy to NetGalley


That all I can said when I finish reading Moonglow. While Firelight is just okay for me (I already forget the story :P), Moonglow make Kristen Callihan is another author I eagerly want to read her next instalment! And yes, Moonglow make it into my Top Read 2012! :)

Moonglow basic story, beside from Victorian London, paranormal world and mystery that surround it, is how much do you want to give to sacrifice in the name of love. How to redeem our horrible past, mend our wounded heart and be a good person for people we loved. I know its a basic theme and used over and over, but I love how Ms Callihan make Moonglow more emotionally than Firelight. I think my big problem with Firelight is, while I love the mystery, I just can't connect with both main characters. Don't get me wrong, I love man with mystery. But I don't like Archer who have "I'm not worthy for you" vibe. And when his mystery revealed, I kinda like "meh".

But, Ian and Daisy already know their real identity earlier. Even Daisy just know later about her ability with controlling nature. Both are tortured, both have horrible past, suffer from their marriage (Daisy with her husband that always mock her to being liberate, Ian with his wife that can't accept his lycan side), both want to escape from it. Not to mention that Daisy just a mere mortal, while Ian is almost immortal lycan. Ian's struggle to take the throne of his clan also understable. I mean, if you have your wife hate you and your son commit suicide because he ashamed to know that he is more than human, Ian have a right to do it.

As for Daisy problem with being mortal, the conclusion is almost break my heart. Sometimes I don't get it, why always women who sacrifice their mortal life to be with their lover that is immortal in some PNR books I read. But, I still praise Ms Callihan to write the end that make me satisfied enough.

There's an interesting take into Ranulf Clan and their connection to Queen Victoria. The mystery that surrounding the were that attack Daisy is wrapped til the end. When the identity of the were revealed its break my heart, especially when readers show how tortured the were is. Another interesting part is about GIM or ghost in the machine. This is like a spirit who can possess anybody with help of clockwork heart. The GIM will play important role to Ian and Daisy relationship.

We will get a glimpse into Poppy and Winston Lane's story. Winston is attacked by were and he know who Poppy is. And he feel betrayed. Ehmm, I kinda ansty to know how their will fix their marriage. Second chance and marriage life theme is my favorite ;). And now, I must wait until next year to read Paul Marron Winston and Poppy's story in Winterblaze ?

NB :I think I'm not into mainstream :/. Many readers like Firelight more, but I don't. LOL, its the same with Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison, I guess ^_^.