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The Darkest Seduction (Hqn) - Gena Showalter More than 5 stars and Top Read 2012.

Another must read for Lords of The Underworld fans. And for you who dying to read Paris's story. Wonder if he finally find his ladylove that manage to make his hard twice, but then die and Cronus ressurect and make her Keeper of Wrath, Sienna Blackstone. And being faithful. Commitment and Paris. Two words that against each other.

Gena put S to SUPERB and this book is epic. With capital E. Once again she prove the reasons why she will always be my favorite authors. The ending make me wonder if her new series Angel of The Dark with the first book Wicked Nights coming in the end of June (woohoo!!) is the bridge for the new arc of Lords of The Underworld saga. Either way, I can't wait to read her new installment.

And Paris of course officially become one of my nom-nom boyfriends ;)

Read my review below for the cover :) (yeah I do review for the cover too, not just the story, LOL!)

Alright! Gena already announced it in her web so the cover and the blurb are OFFICIAL!!



My thought about this :
- I'm glad Paris paired with Sienna, not to another chick. I'm almost afraid if Gena will make new heroine for Paris, and I think its not the best turn ever. Readers will mad, trust me =P (Gena mention she plan to make another heroine for Paris in her blog, but glad Paris so stubborn to have Sienna. WTG, Paris!!)

- Sienna..look sexy! I know she look usual and homey, not attractive when she first appear at Lucien's book, The Darkest Kiss. But look at her now, possessed by Wrath (no spoiler here, if you are LOTU fans), she will make one of sexy winged heroine ever. Of course she might have a better personalities to make readers love her.

- Paris...ummm, I'm a little bit disappointed to not see Paul Marron here, but *cough2* models cover not just him, right? Not so favorite for this version of Paris. They do his hair wrong! His hair is several different colors, like brown, bronze, and gold (thanks for Jen from RedHotBooks for the head up). Its more like dark brown, IMO. (or they can't captured his hair color?) And his chin not chiseled enough. But the rest are pretty well-done..

- Something that bugged me, why both of them wear jeans?? I can understand about Sienna, but Paris? Are hero in PNR and UF genre supposed to wear leather pants, long black coats, and long hair, sooo pretty, it can be the result from H*rbal Essence shampoo?? => forgive me for my addictive to PNR..and no, I don't like men with long hair...

- Paris's butterfly tattoo are wrong. Its not located at his upper arm but his lower back (thanks to Megan for tell me about this).. Maybe because the model pose are hug Sienna like that, and they don't want miss the tattoo, so the solution are like that. Huh, boo! =(

- Paris are Keeper of Promiscuity who need sex in regular basis to survive. But I doubt this book will have so many sex scenes or Sienna and Paris act like busy bunnies. We don't want this book turn to be erotica, right? (Not that I'm complaining, tho =P)