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Moon Called - Lolongan Malam

Moon Called - Lolongan Malam - Patricia Briggs Want to give 5 stars, but the translated version have so many typos and sometimes I lost track in the middle of story, so I give 4 stars instead. I guess the editor of the translated version not doing his/her job? There some pages that flipped, and some translation feel weird. Like they translate "growl" with Indonesian's word of "roar". Duh, that's different!!

But, I like the story. I love Mercy Thompson. I love Samuel Cornick, but I love Adam Hauptman more. So I can't wait to read their next story, since that's no guarantee of romance between Sam, Mercy and Adam. Actually no love triangle after all, and I always want Mercy to be with Adam.

BTW I'm so PISSED OFF, and ANGRY too. Because there no guarantee, the publisher will translate the next book or not. So, why you (publisher) publish this and then decide to not publish the next?

I'm so want to read more about Adam and Mercy!! Guess I will read the english version after this, huh!